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Saiful Huda Bimantara

Henry Ford Urgent Care

henry ford urgent care
henry ford urgent care

Henry ford urgent care. Above industry and progress, stands a hospital, 105 years old, founded by an automotive giant. Its roots are tied to the very foundations of medicine, with nearly 700 residents and fellows and 53 ACGME accredited training programs.

It is one of the most coveted opportunities for learners from around the world. It is an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of health care giants, to not just watch great medicine, but to practice it, to see the future as it happens. This is residency at Henry Ford Hospital, proudly located in Detroit.

I think both for residency and fellowship, the main thing I was looking for was a place where there was commitment to education, and not only that, but faculty that were also committed to teaching their residents and fellows, who end up becoming our lifelong mentors.

henry ford urgent care on 15 mile
henry ford urgent care on 15 mile

To find a hospital that is state-of-the-art and with all of the modern medical science available here was really something surprising to me. And I really saw that there is a future for the city and for the people here. Henry Ford Hospital is 877 beds of tertiary quaternary care with 162 beds of intensive care, the second largest in the country.

It is made up of one of the largest and most established group practices in the country, the Henry Ford Medical Group. Over 1900 physicians, surgeons, and researchers in over 40 specialties seeing the most complex patients and pioneering new treatments with clinical and bench research that is changing medicine I rotated at Henry Ford as a medical student and had an amazing experience in the dermatology department.

And when I was interviewing across the country, I kept thinking about Henry Ford. And the support that I got as a student, I knew it was going to be even increased when I was a resident. And so that was a big part of why I wanted to come here to train.

Nephrology and critical care is very small type of program. It's very specialized. . And so this is probably one of only five places in the country that actually do that type of combined program, nephrology and critical care together.

Henry Ford gave me the opportunity to do a lot of procedures that I am interested in. And if you're interested in specific type of procedures, you will get exposed to it, for sure. With the state's most comprehensive organ transplant program, Henry Ford Hospital is not only a destination site for Michigan residents, we have also cared for patients from every state in the country and every continent in the world.

Inside these walls, new standards for everything from sepsis, stroke and heart failure to neurosurgery and precision medicine, have set new paradigms for care around the globe. As a Level 1 trauma center, our emergency medicine department treats the area's most complex problems. It is an exceptional environment for learning and growth.

henry ford urgent care fraser mi
henry ford urgent care fraser mi

Henry Ford Hospital is award-winning, earning both the Baldrige Award, as well as Magnet status. As a resident, you will be connected to these specialists and learn from field leaders in simulation, regular didactics, and through hands-on practice. This includes our immersive simulation lab, as well as a newly redesigned learning environment inside the Sladen Library.

You will be shaped by the best and be given one of the most well-rounded experiences available. As a training orthopedic surgeon, I wanted to make sure that I could see as much as I possibly can before I go out as an attending. Everybody that I had spoken to at the time said that they were able to do a great deal of operating. They felt very comfortable by the time they graduated residency.

You know, it's great to hear people say that, but until you're actually the one doing it, I think it's hard to always believe. And since I've been here, they're all 100% correct. I think most of us go into medicine wanting to be good at what we do and not to be cautious or hesitant about practicing on our own when we get out of here.

And I certainly don't feel like, after three years here in training, that I'm going to have any hesitations with being confident and doing things on my own. Having a diverse population is important so you see a broader range of pathology. We're exposed to complex cases. There's various pathophysiology. I mean, it caters to a diverse experience.

And it caters to our interests as we progress through fellowship. And that's what I was looking for. Detroit is a city entering a new renaissance, energetic, diverse, brimming with convenient and high-end living options. Detroit offers entertainment and dining from all corners of the globe.

You can choose to live in on-campus housing or in one of the hundreds of nearby off-campus living opportunities including, just 20 minutes away, in trendy Royal Oak or Ferndale. Detroit is also close to metropolitan or international excursions that can be reached within a few hours by car, train, or air. Everybody has been extremely welcoming.

The Midwestern charm is an actual thing. And you will find it here at Henry Ford. I think having such a diverse group of people really makes their department and the health system a better place, and just allows everybody to collaborate and share their ideas.

And that way, we can best serve our patients. The goal is to get you to learn, which I really appreciate. For residency experience that challenges and prepares while giving you relationships that will last a lifetime, Henry Ford Hospital offers learning, practicing, and living in an environment where medicine is being shaped every day.

henry ford urgent care chesterfield
henry ford urgent care chesterfield

Henry Ford Urgent Care

Henry ford urgent care, This is Henry Ford, a world leading, pioneering,ever-growing health system, 105 years young.Modern day clinicians, academics,and researchers who put patients first,create answers for those who need them most, and standfirmly at the epicenter of breakthroughs, innovation,and transformation.

Henry Ford has 33,000 employees.More than two million patients visit from every continenteverywhere.Exceptional care for heart and vascular disease, cancer,neurosciences, orthopedics, transplant, urology,and dozens of other sub specialties.

With hundreds of operating and procedure rooms,we offer patients new and highly specialized technology,offered at only a few places in the world.We are a research hub with over 2,000 ongoing research projectsin every specialty imaginable, with principal investigatorspioneering new treatments and proceduresfor everything from heart disease, to brain tumors,and COVID-19.

Henry Ford receives over $90 millionin annual research funding.We're a community center of well-being,a leader in population health advancements like virtual care.We're taking on urban care initiativeswhile tackling the complex health problems of patientswho are as diverse as we are.

Henry Ford is five acute care hospitals,three behavioral health facilities,and over 250 locations throughout southeastand central Michigan.We are a health insurance company over half a millionmembers strong.

Henry Ford touches virtually every community in our middenstate, providing primary, specialty care, and communitycare, including hospice, rehabilitation, and home care.Our leaders chair national health care organizations,large and small.

We are change makers, award winners,champions of diversity, investigators of disparity,and makers of the breakthroughs of tomorrow.Henry Ford revolutionized medicinethrough heart and lung machines, robotic surgery,and precision medicine.Now, we innovate on an international scale.

We are a coveted destination for learners and residentsfrom nearly every country around the world. Henry Ford is where learning never stops,and compassion is always in full supply.This is the future of medicine.A trusted partner in health, a leaderof care for our communities and our world. This is Henry Ford Health System. Thank you for taking the time to read henry ford urgent care and your interest in our program.

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