Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care: Discover the Expertise of Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group

cardiovascular consultants medical group
cardiovascular consultants medical group

Cardiovascular consultants medical group. I'm so pleased that you're taking a look at the cardiology fellowship at henry ford hospital.

Welcome our mission here is to provide innovative world-class cardiovascular medical education That improves the quality of clinical services and meets patients needs one person at a time. We train future cardiologists, support lifelong learning and disseminate our work through scholarly activities.

We are committed to serving detroit and the surrounding regions with the highest quality, evidence-based medicine a social conscience and professionalism and respect. We strive for an inclusive environment and welcome all cultures and backgrounds.

Our goal is to provide you with the foundation to be outstanding cardiologists  There is nothing you won't be able to see or do here and your journey will include classmates and mentors who will become your lifelong friends and sources of professional support and camaraderie.

We are proud to offer one of the largest most comprehensive programs in the nation with every major sub-specialty we have over 30 fellows and over 40 full-time faculty working together in a collegial and

collaborative environment.

We are one of the oldest programs in the nation with a storied past and present and a bright future ahead. We are on the cutting edge of cardiology and invite our fellows to participate in all of the amazing things happening here.

The framework for our fellowship is strong but the most important feature is you. We want you to have the best possible experience and graduate as skilled ethical, enlightened kind and compassionate doctors. We want you to find joy and passion in your work and to lead our field into the future.

Cardiovascular consultants medical group

Henry ford hospital is an amazing place to train as soon as you walk in through the door, you'll notice an amazing level of diversity that can make anybody feel like they're at home.

It's a great balance between taking care of the predominantly underserved community in metropolitan detroit, as well as being the tertiary care center for the state of michigan, as well as northwest ohio so it brings a lot of complex cardiovascular disease to our doors and training here is one of the most amazing places to train in.

Henry ford hospital has clinicians who are leading their respective fields and hemodynamic, support, complex, cardiovascular interventions, structural heart disease, cardiac, imaging advanced heart failure, heart transplant and electrophysiology, and as fellows you are the leads of those teams.

cardiovascular consultants medical group fremont
cardiovascular consultants medical group fremont

cardiovascular consultants medical group fremont

So when i was looking to apply for fellowship programs, i think the most important thing to me was a program that was going to be able to make it so that i was completely comfortable and confident practicing cardiovascular medicine when i graduate.

As i interviewed i think it was clear that all programs were trying to achieve that but henry ford was really the one that made me confident that they're going to be able to do.

So i think it's a combination of the patient population here and that you'll see pretty much every possible cardiovascular disease, in addition to the expansive procedures that we offer and patients come from all over the state and region to have those done.

So this fusion of academic and clinical medicine the patient population here, ford the all the different procedures and services that we offer to the patients made my decision to come here very clear.

cardiovascular consultants medical group

I've trained at henry ford hospital. i've practiced here for more than a decade. i've really thrived here at henry ford, so i know all about this program and there are a lot of reasons that you could come here for your training.

You could come here for the most aggressive coronary revascularization program in the world. You come here for one of the most innovative structural heart disease programs on the face of the planet you could come here for the wide variety and wide array of mechanical circulatory support devices that we have to help save save our patients.

You could come here for one of the most comprehensive advanced heart failure and transplant programs that we have in the country. You could come here for the vibrant electrophysiology program and exposure.

You could come here for the brilliant array and diversity of imaging techniques that we offer one of the best in the region. You could come here for the clinical exposure that's been storied for many years not just because of our urban and suburban location in the southeast michigan area.

But because we get patients from not only throughout the region but throughout the country but what you should really come here is because of the culture.

We've got one of collaboration, of congeniality of of commitment, commitment to growth and education and innovation and evolution.

cardiovascular consultants medical group

One of the strong aspects of henry ford cardiology fellowship is the clinical training that is offered from day one. We hit the ground running learning, essential skills and developing independence in managing complex clinical cases, ranging from arrhythmias and advanced heart failure, to groundbreaking mechanical circulatory support in the most critical patients.

We are taught evidence-based medicine and obtain hands-on experience in various sub-specialties including imaging, interventional, electrophysiology, structural advanced heart failure, and transplant essentially preparing you for any career of your choice.

cardiovascular consultants medical group

On behalf of the edith and benson ford heart vascular institute i want to welcome you to our virtual interview day just your being here today with us tells me that you are all incredibly talented and have so much to offer.

This day is really about you and for you to determine whether our program is a good fit for you to help you achieve your career goals.

I tell applicants that you're going through what is perhaps the most important professional decision.

You'll make in your career, where you'll receive the education and training in your chosen field of practice, certainly many of you may go on to added subspecialty training, but these next three years will comprise the core of your cardiology training.

For those who don't know much about michigan and detroit. I think you'll find it a diverse and truly vibrant place to live and train. We have incredible sports, amazing arts and culture and detroit has even become somewhat of a foodie destination.

I came to detroit 22 years ago after having lived and trained in boston seattle and new york city and coming to detroit was truly the best decision i've ever made.

Once again i want to welcome you to henry ford have a wonderful day learning about our fellowship meeting our faculty and fellows and i look forward to meeting all of you

cardiovascular consultants medical group

It's definitely the care we provide at henry ford. Henry ford cardiology provides hope and more options for one of the sickest patient population within the detroit and the midwest region and that's just amazing.

This also translates to excellent training experience with exposure to complex pathology advance of specialty care including the state-of-the-art mechanical support device and advanced heart failure care

We have the chance to train with national leaders within the field who are the most humble and down-to-earth faculty that have worked with they are genuinely interested in our education and encourage us to grow at every level.

cardiovascular consultants medical group valencia
cardiovascular consultants medical group valencia

Cardiovascular consultants medical group valencia

The education you get at henry ford hospital at henry ford health system will prepare you to be a top cardiologist throughout your career.

You'll be exposed to a very complex case mix of probably the most complex in the world and you will feel that decades into your career.

aultman medical group cardiovascular consultants

I chose to come to henry ford for my cardiology training because i knew i would get excellent rigorous training and all aspects of cardiovascular medicine.

I knew i wanted good exposure to anything and everything under the sun and to be equipped with the experience to handle such issues to top this off what really did it for me was the amazing program leadership and collegiality amongst the fellows.

I knew on my interview day that the fellows are truly a family and that the program leadership puts fellows first in the truest sense this was obviously proven to me as i continue to work here as a fellow.

cardiovascular consultants medical group castro valley

This hospital is incredibly special to me, i've been here for seven years. We take care of a huge variety of patients a indigent inner city complex structural heart referrals from all over the country.

Our structural heart program is really one of the best in the country right now. We're one of the top five in terms of tavr volumes.

We're doing many mitral interventions including percutaneous mitral valve therapies and now more recently we started working on a tricuspid valve as a result of that you're going to see an incredible variety of structural heart disease patients physical examinations on mitral stenosis, mitral regurgitation, tricuspid regurgitation, etc. So i think you'll find an incredible experience here at henry ford.

cardiovascular consultants medical group encino

As the program director of the cardiac electrophysiology fellowship, i'm really grateful for the close relationship with the general cardiology fellowship program here at henry ford.

All first-year fellows rotate on our consult service and second and third year fellows have the unique opportunity to pursue a procedural rotation in our ep lab doing device implants and catheter ablations right alongside our ep fellows and faculty.

As a teacher of heart rhythm disorders my main goal is to help our fellows develop the same sort of deep appreciation and fascination with cardiac arrhythmias that i have and i really feel this hands-on one-on-one approach is the best way to achieve that

cardiovascular consultants medical group inc

Welcome and thank you for considering henry ford as your future training program. My name is brian o'neill i'm one of the interventional cardiologists here, who specializes in structural heart disease and it's been my pleasure to get to work with many of the fellows here there's a variety of things to learn here at henry ford.

Obviously we have many different specialties all with doing all doing cutting complex procedures with a variety of different patient conditions which are really unique to to metro to metropolitan detroit and around the country as well.

cardiovascular consultants medical group oakland

I think what makes our cardiology fellowship special is that our trainees are truly at the center of everything we do as a division. Our fellows get exposed to the most advanced and cutting edge technology while treating the entire spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.

We have the latest advanced imaging tools to assist in the treatment of our patients and our fellows get familiar with these early on in training.

The ability to work with brilliant and dedicated clinicians and researchers is just one of the many reasons i love working at henry ford. I think one of the greatest joys we get as faculty is working alongside our fellows we have the brightest and most dedicated trainees and frankly i think of them as colleagues and friends.

cardiovascular consultants medical group san ramon

Another aspect that i appreciate about this program is the collegiality that exists not only amongst the fellows, but between fellows and staff nurses, advanced practitioners and this creates an environment where we're excited to be at work every day and truly enjoy learning from great leaders in this field.

Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group

Come join henry ford come be a part of us, come be a part of something bigger. come grow and evolve with us.

Although you can't be here physically with us on campus  unfortunately my hope is that after the day is done, you'll really come away with an appreciation for the incredible medicine we practice and the compassionate care we provide every day to our patients.

I feel 100 supported whether it's anything related to even at the workplace or even my life outside of work with family and everything at all.

You really will get a wonderful learning experience here at henry ford. So i hope you strongly consider us and look forward to hopefully meeting some of you someday.

We hope that you will outshine all of us and be the example of what we would all strive to be. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our program and i wish you success in the future.

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